The Flesh on The Bones

While for many of the family there are no appreciable records, others have left an interesting story.  Ranging from someone bewitched into leaving his wife for a harlot (who had his baby) to Moderators of the Church of Scotland to a trial at the Old Bailey the family has had very varied experiences.  Some of the stories are told here.

Oliver Tullideph  Mid-16th century – Account of the destruction of Perth at the Reformation

William Dulledaphe  1626 – 1695 Covenanter, Principal of St. Leonards College St. Andrews

Thomas Tullideph 1700-1777 First Principal of The United Colleges of St. Andrews University, Moderator of the Church of Scotland,  Royal Chaplain of Scotland to King George III

Walter Tullideph 1702 – 1792   Doctor of Medicine, Sugar Planter in Antigua, Collector of Plants

Ann Tilliduff  1813 – 1876  Indicted of theft at the Old Bailey in 1844