Records and Sources

Scottish Births Marriages and Deaths

Parish records for the name start in the mid -16th century.  The name was extinct in Scotland by the time of civil registrations.

Scottish Burgh, Church and Academic Records

The Aberdeen Archives are a treasure-trove of information, as is Fasti Ecclesiae Scoticanae.  The members of the 19th century Spalding Club were able to record a lot of information from the city archives that is no longer available otherwise.  The archives of Aberdeen University also provide some names.

English Births, Marriages and Deaths

Most of the English records are from the civil registrations, with a few earlier ones.  Again, there must have been more information available in the 1960’s as some research by a professional genealogist with no sources listed produced information that can no longer be found.  But it adds up!  Among other things the research says that Robert Tilliduff died on Friday December 29th 1809 – and that date was indeed a Friday.

Censuses, Registers and Electoral Rolls

Again, these are all English records.


The available records of those who left the UK.

A Summary of all Sources