Walter Tullideph 1702 – 1794

Walter Tullydeph of Tullydeph Hall, co. Forfar, and formerly of Antigua. Will dated Edinburgh 28 May 1794.To the Rt. Hon. Geo. Earl of Dalhousie, Geo. Dempster, Esq., of Dunnichin, advocate, Sir John Ogilvy of Invercarity, Bart., Dame Charlotte Tullydeph al’s Ogilvy his wife, my 1st dau., Rev. Tho. Tullideph, principal of the United College of St. Andrews, Mr David Tullideph, mercht. at Westbeach, & Rev. Chas. Roberts, minister at Dundee, in trust, all my New Division estate, containing the lands formerly Tremills & Devereux’s & the lands I bought of Mr. Wm. York & Capt. Saml. Martin. I have bargained to sell to Mr. Morris of Antigua my Musketto Cove Estate for £18000 st. All other my lands in Antigua & Montserrat & all personalty to my trustees, they to be Ex’ors. To my wife Mrs. Mary Burroughs al’s Tullideph £400 a year, the life rent of Tullideph Hall is also settled on her, which will make up £600 a year, & £100 for mourning, 6 cows & 4 horses, use of furniture, then to my dau. Lady Charlotte Ogilvy. To my granddau. Mary Ann Leslie, d. of the Hon. Lt. Col. Alexr Leslie & of Mrs Margt Tullideph, decd, my youngest dau.., £100 a year till 21, then £8000 st.. To Helen Ogilvy, 1st dau. of Sir John Ogilvy, £1000 at 21. To his other children, except the eldest, £4000 amongst the. All my estate to Dame Charlotte Ogilvy for life, then to Walter Ogilvy, 1st son of Sir John Ogilvy. If she die before Sir John then I give him £200 a year, & £300 a year to Walter. Trustees may sell estates …. Recorded at St. John. (The remainder of the will is missing)

The History of the Island of Antigua Vol. 3 by Vere Langford Oliver