Joseph Samuel Tilliduff 1811 – 1845

Will of Joseph Samuel Tilliduff (born 28th July 1811)

1  I Joseph Samuel Tilliduff of 15 Green Street Bethnal

2  Green in the County of Middlesex being of sound mind and memory

3  and understanding make publish and declare this to be my last

4  will and testament in manner following that is to say I direct my

5  executor hereinafter named to pay and discharge all my just ???

6  debts funeral and testamentary expenses and the expense of ut. ut.

7  Proving this my will and subject thereto I give and bequeath unto

8 my Father Joseph Tilliduff my bookcase and contents therein ??

9 my Scotch pebble gold mounted seal and a Beaver hat for his own

10 use and benefit also I give and bequeath unto my mother Elizabeth

11 Surry Tilliduff for her sole and separate use and benefit ex-

12 clusive of her present or any after taken husband and not to be a

13  subject to his or their debts  control or arrangements our tea tray

14  and tea service two bedsteads two beds and bedding a chest of  draw-

15  ers and large looking glass a brass fender and fire irons a set of

16  kitchen fire irons and fender a dining table a round table two –

17  wainscot tables six taut bottom chairs a Kidderminster Carpet

18  and Rug three ?????? in frame two runners two glass salts

19  mahogany knife tray five silver 1ca spoons two silver salt spoons

20  two silver table spoons sugar tongs and Caddy spoon rack of sun-

21  dry crockery ware a Family bible in ?? Waverley novels Johnsons

22  dictionary odd numbers illuminated magazines our meat safe

23  and kitchen utensils  also I give and bequeath unto my brother

24 Thomas Prudden Tilliduff to and for his own use and benefit all

25 my wearing apparel a roll of straps a bundle of prints and engra-

26 vings my silver watch and gold chain my Mahogany writing

27 desk and its contents also I give and bequeath unto my sister

28 Ann Lydia Tilliduff to and for her own use and benefit six

29 chairs a chest of drawers a rosewood writing desk a new carpet

30 eight ?????? ornaments six wine glasses six tumblers a pint

31 decanter six teacups and saucers a tea caddy three tea trays

32 three table covers a silk ?????? a ???? of ???????? ware a

33 Buderus fire also I give and bequeath unto my sister Elizabeth

34 Surry Tilliduff to and for her own use and benefit the sum of five

35 shillings also I give and bequeath unto my brother John Robert

36 Tilliduff to and for his own use and benefit the sum of shil-

37 lings and as to all the just residue and remainder of my Es-

38 tate and Effects whatsoever and wheresoever I give and bequeath the

39 same to my said sister Ann Lydia Tilliduff absolutely and hereby

40 nominate solicitate and appoint my friend Epher Silence of ?? Butter 41 Street Bethnal Green aforesaid printer Executor of this my last will

42 and Testament and do hereby revoke and make void all former will

43 or wills by me at any time heretofore made and declare this to be a

44 and ??????? my last will and Testament In Witness whereof I Have

45 ????? to set my hand this thirty first day of October one thousand eight

46 hundred and forty six:  Joseph Samuel Tilliduff  Signed by the said

47 Testator in the presence of us present at the same time who in his ???

48 ????due at his request have hereunto subscribed our names as witness-

49 es  Thomas King Mary Silence

50 Proved at London 8th February 1847 before the worshipful ??????

Frederik Bailford Doctor of Law and surrogate by the oath of Epher

Silence the sole exectutor to ?????? Administration was granted ???

???? ???? ???? duty to administer.

Reference: Prob  11/2051                                        Image Reference: 154