William Tullideph 1626 – 1695

No will is available for William but there is an Eik, (an addendum) to William’s will, dated 1709.

To the testament dative & Inventar of the goods gear &
debts of umq[uhi]le Mr William Tullideph Principal of
St Leonards College in the Universitie of St Andrews
Ther is Eiked [added] by Mr John Tullideph Minister at Dum
Barney Lawfull sone & heir to the defunct the sume of jajijC l~ [jM ijC = £1,200]
as the defuncts proportione of the K[ing] Charles the Second
his Mortification or Gift grantit [granted] to the said Universitie
and due & payable to the defunct as Principal of the
said St Leonards College the halfe year 1691 and the
haill [whole] years 1692, 93, 94 and 1695 years being four
four hundreth [hundred] merks yearlie Omitted & Left furth [out] of
the said defuncts prinll [principal] confirmit [confirmed] testa[men]t by the s[ai]d exec[uto]r
and now come to his knowledge Eiked [added] the twentie day
of Ja[nua]rie 1709 and Mr Patrick Tullideph Minister
at Ferrie is cau[tion]er …